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Conservator Tank Type Transformers
These Transformers are fitted with Conservator Tank mounted on its top and equipped with Silica gel Breather for breathing and releasing the relative pressure in side the tank. Oil gauge provided with the conservator tank and before connecting the transformer to the network it is recommended to check oil-level marked on the gauge.
Sealed Tank Type Transformers
These transformers are vacuum dried, filled with high quality mineral oil, insulation class-1 and hermetically sealed to avoid air breathing. The relative pressure inside the tank is adjusted in the work and shall not be negative even at the very low temperature. Therefore, it is recommended to check the oil-level in the level gauge fitted on the tank before connecting the transformer to the network. The oil-level is marked on the gauge.
Cable and Boxes
Suitable type of terminals is provided for cable / bushings connections. The transformers can be provided with Cable End Boxes on both high &low voltage sides. The Cable end Boxes are vertically mounted as well as provided on the sides of the tank as required.
33 KV Transformers
  We also manufacture 33 KV Transformers from 50 KVA to 630 KVA.
Welding Transformers
  Our present production scope includes oil-cooled. Welding transformers of different rating i.e. 180 Amp, 300 Amp & 400 Amp as well as air-cooled welding transformers.
Pad Mounted Transformers
  We also manufacture Pad-Mounted transformers from 100 KVA to 1000 KVA ratings.
Furnace & Special Transformers
  These transformers are manufactured according to the customer’s requirement. The rating of said transformers is up to 5000KVA.
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