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Transformers Fittings
- Each transformer is supplied with the following standard fittings.
- Rating Plate giving all technical details.
- Two earth connections.
- Oil filling plug.
- LV bushings.
- HT bushing.
- Carriage with bi-directional wheels for ratings 100KVA and above.
- Lifting lugs.
- Off circuit tap charger with handle on cover.
- Drain valve with conservator tank transformer.
- Thermometer pocket with conservator tank transformer.
- Security valve (with Power Transformer.)
- Buchholz Rely single or double float and dial type transformer on request.

Routine Tests

The following routine tests are carried out on each transformer before leaving the factory.
- Include Voltage test (Insulation test.)
- Separate source over voltage test (high voltage test.)
- Iron loss test (no load test.)
- Copper loss test (full load test.)
- Turn ratio test.
- Vector Group test.
- Oil testing of transformer as per IEC-296.
Cable and Boxes
Every new design of transformer is subject to the following type tests.
- Short circuit test.
- Temperature rise test.
- Impulse voltage withstand test.
- The design of all transformers in distribution range has been tested against the short circuit test at:
- High voltage and short circuit Laboratory.
- Rawat (Islamabad).
- N.V.KEMA Laboratory, Netherlands
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